Wrestler Kenny Omega Enters the Ring as Sans From Undertale

Last night was AEW’s Halloween episode, and joining in on the costumed fun was one Kenny Omega. After a short Undertale-styled pre-roll, Omega entered the arena in full skull mask and blue hoodie, Megalovania blaring, as the one and only Sans from Undertale.

Kenny Omega has used Undertale music in the past for an entrance at Wrestle Kingdom, but the combination of the Undertale text intro, the full costume, and how perfect Megalovania is for a ring entrance song makes it all click. Listen to good ol’ J.R. say, “Kenny Omega, Halloween starting early for him, as he calls on the power of Sans from Undertale.”

Kenny teased his Undertale-themed entrance before the show on Twitter, saying he felt an “odd sense of determination.”

Omega is no stranger to the world of games. Aside from the other Undertale entrance mentioned above, he’s played showmatches at fighting game events like CEO 2016 against fellow wrestler Xavier Woods and hosted interviews for ESPN Esports at Evo. Suffice to say, this probably won’t be the last time Omega calls on the power of Sans from Undertale.

In the years since Undertale first launched in 2016, it’s become ingrained in general gaming culture. Sans even recently made his way into Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, though as a Mii costume rather than a full-on character appearance.

While Deltarune, the successor-of-sorts to Undertale, is is still in development, the first chapter is out on PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch, and celebrates its one-year anniversary today. Check out our thoughts on it from last year’s launch here.

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