WWE 2K20’s Launch is Riddled With Bugs, Glitchy Animations, and Body Horror

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This year’s entry in the WWE 2K series was, no doubt, going to be a bit bumpy. The departure of the longtime developers of the series signalled change, but day-one 2K20 players aren’t just finding some rough edges; there are off-looking wrestlers, crashes, and some really great animation glitches.

A thread on the WWEGames subreddit is compiling every bug players can find, as well as a companion thread in the main Games subreddit. Some of them are fairly mild, like trophies not currently loading or certain modes not being in at launch. Even more, though, are just amazing to watch happen. Here is one player, discovering that they have summoned multiple copies of wrestler and gaming personality Xavier Woods, which gets even weirder as time goes on.

Twitch channel newLEGACYinc streamed a midnight release look at the game, and found a lot of issues with it already. There are reports of pretty laggy matches when created characters get involved, crashes around importing attire, and some pretty odd animations and hitches happening. The squared-circle can get wacky, but this all seems a little excessive. Here is, for example, Ronda Rousey being thrown onto a disappearing set of stairs, causing the world, reality, and laws of physics to shatter.

The character creator is also allowing for some truly wonderful horrors. And that’s not considering the already well-publicized overall look of the game, which is, uh, not great. Famous wrestlers like John Cena and The Rock look pretty rough compared to both previous years’ WWE games and their actual, real-life likenesses. The story mode also seems a little off, though I have to admit, it’s circling around from “bad” to “so bad it might be really good.”

There is supposedly a day one patch that should go live today, though what that patch will address hasn’t been fully announced yet. We’ve reached out to 2K for more information. For now, the hashtag #FixWWE2K20 is trending on Twitter in hopes 2K will exorcise the game expediently.

Either way, the departure of Yuke’s from the series seems to have taken its toll. Though WWE still leads in the production department, other options like Fire Pro Wrestling might start to look appealing for wrestling fans who want something a little more stable year over year. That is, unless you’re really into the Bloodborne-horror Create-A-Wrestlers and bonkers story scenes like I am.

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