Xbox Launches Monthly Payment Console Bundle With Project Scarlett Upgrade Plans

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If you don’t have an Xbox One and you’re on the fence about purchasing one so close to the launch of Project Scarlett, Microsoft’s concocted a deal that may work for you. In the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, Microsoft is reintroducing the Xbox All Access bundle subscription plan, this time with options for upgrading to a Project Scarlett before you’ve paid off your Xbox One.

There are three different Xbox All Access bundles, all of which come with a console and 24 months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate. The Xbox One S All-Digital bundle costs $19.99 USD per month, the Xbox One S is $22.99/month, and the Xbox One X is $30.99/month. Each bundle locks you in to a 24-month payment plan.

With Project Scarlett coming about a year from now, only the One X version of the Xbox All Access bundles will have the option of upgrading near launch. Between now and December 31, 2019, Xbox One X bundle buyers will have the option of a Project Scarlett console upgrade after a year, while the cheaper bundles get the option of upgrading after 18 months. You’ll need to be in good standing with Microsoft’s financing partner (Citizens One in the states), return the Xbox One, and sign a new 24-month All Access plan for the Scarlett console upon upgrading. Going from an All-Digital bundle to a Scarlett will also incur you an extra $20 fee.

Microsoft rolled out Xbox All Access bundles for a limited time last year through its retail stores. Now, the American retailing partner for these new All Access bundles is Amazon, which should allow more people to get in on the deal.

The 24-month All Access plan for an Xbox One X works out to be just under $744 total, which is very close to what it would cost upfront to buy a One X and Game Pass Ultimate for two years.

As the next generation approaches, Microsoft is both shifting emphasis away from hardware sales figures and leaning more into reporting its subscription service successes, as it did with Gears 5’s launch on Game Pass. With Xbox One sales slowing, the All Access plan could help Microsoft get more people into the Xbox ecosystem this holiday season before attempting to convert them to early Scarlett adopters in the next. For more on Microsoft’s next console, check out USG’s guide to everything we’ve learned about Project Scarlett.

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