Yacht Club Games Seems to Be Hinting At Its Next Project

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Shovel Knight’s Treasure Trove will finally be completed this month, but that isn’t stopping Yacht Club Games from looking further to the horizon. Several new tidbits, including some job openings, seem to be hinting at what could be next for the Shovel Knight studio.

Yacht Club Games debuted with Shovel Knight, the indie platformer that started as a Kickstarter in 2013 and quickly grew in scope to multiple DLC expansions, a Super Smash Bros.-style brawler, and a few Amiibo. The series has evolved well past the original tale of the Shovel and Shield Knights, expanding in scope and design along the way.

The final pieces of Shovel Knight’s DLC rollout, King of Cards and Showdown, hit the Treasure Trove collection next week, but Yacht Club Games is already working on its future. As it ventures into publishing with Cyber Shadow and the Downwell-inspired Shovel Knight Dig, it looks like Yacht Club is also thinking about what it could develop next.

In a guest post on USgamer last week, Yacht Club Games seemed to tease a bit about its next project. The studio made explicit reference to a game mechanic in Resident Evil 2, and how Shovel Knight ended up taking a similar development path.

“In the future, who can say if we’ll tackle such a long and far-reaching game development again. It was certainly fun to tie everything together and make it all interact in different ways! Who knows… maybe one day we’ll make Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove HD collection with cartoon visuals and a Resident Evil 2-style zapping system. Wouldn’t that be neat?”

“Zapping,” if you’re not familiar, is the phrase used for some playthroughs of Resident Evil 2 affecting future playthroughs. For example, killing a character in Leon’s A playthrough of the game might change Claire’s B playthrough if you play it next. You’re also given different stories and obstacles based on which playthroughs you choose to do.

This is just one example, but Yacht Club is explicit on its job postings page that it’s preparing for “all new games in the future.” It’s also hiring a number of positions, including a number of roles for its 3D team.

This by itself doesn’t indicate something, as Shovel Knight likely utilizes 3D development alongside 2D, but the hiring push, teasing of new projects, and features the studio would like to explore all hint at Yacht Club Games already thinking about its next project. With Shovel Knight finally wrapping up, there are plenty of new concepts for the studio to explore in its sophomore effort.

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