Your Origin account hasn’t been hacked, it’s just EA being nice

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You might have gotten an email from EA recently saying that you’ve redeemed an Origin Access membership code – even if you haven’t. Don’t worry, you haven’t been hacked. EA is providing a free month of its base premium subscription to anyone who’s activated extra security measures on their accounts, but a poorly-worded email has led players to believe that their accounts are at risk.

The email is simply titled ‘you’ve redeemed an Origin Access membership code,’ and reads as if you’ve done exactly that – and as Kotaku notes, that’s led to a whole lot of worry from users who understandably believe their accounts have been compromised. EA’s official help account has since had to spend the day assuring everyone that their accounts are safe.

The free month of Origin Access is a bonus for anyone who activated two-factor authentication on their account before October 30. That’ll give you access to a bunch of older games and a selection of trials for newer titles for the duration, and you won’t even have to recover a hacked account to enjoy them.

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