YouTube is testing a way to quickly find creators featured in video collaborations

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YouTube is currently testing a new feature that will be a great help to both creators and their audience. The new “featured in this video” section will make it easier for viewers to find and subscribe to YouTubers when they appear in videos from other channels.

Previously, creators would have to go through the trouble of manually adding all of the links in the description of the video, detailing each YouTuber that appeared in the video. A perfect example of this was shown off in Rene Ritchie’s Tech YouTube Rewind: Best of 2019 video. In the video, he features some of his favorite tech YouTubers of the year and includes links to each one in the description.

Not only is this a tedious process, but it also doesn’t have the best presentation by cluttering up the video description with text links to over 10 different YouTube accounts. According to a recent post on YouTube community, that could be changing very soon with testing for the “featured in this video” section that began on December 17, 2019.

Testing ‘featured in this video’ section on Android: to make it easier to discover new creators and subscribe to their channels, we’re testing out a “featured in this video” section right below the video you’re watching – it will highlight creators who are featured in the video (based on a range of signals about the video) and include links to the featured creator’s channel with the option to subscribe. We’re starting this experiment with a diverse group of top searched creators across various categories on YouTube, and only a small percentage of viewers using the YouTube Android app will see the feature while we gather feedback.

So far, YouTube is only testing this with a small percentage of YouTube users using the Android app. If you are one of the lucky few, then you’ll see a section below the video highlighting the creators featured in the video with links to their channel and the option to subscribe.

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This is a feature I’m sure a lot of creators out there will be thrilled to see. It will make it easier for them to collaborate and promote their channels, while also making YouTube’s UI a lot cleaner and making it easier for viewers to discover new YouTubers to subscribe to.

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