YouTube teases new docuseries about AI with Robert Downey Jr.

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YouTube just dropped a trailer for its upcoming documentary on AI. Titled ‘The Age of A.I.,’ the series has none other than Iron Man himself — Robert Downey Jr. — talking to the entrepreneurs and experts using the life-changing technology to tackle the world’s biggest problems, from world hunger to autonomous driving to finding alien life.

The series will see Downey explore the various fields in which AI is being used to make real ideas and concepts previously relegated to sci-fi and magic. It also examines the impact these innovations are having on real people, alongside some big-picture talk of the transformational potential of artificial intelligence for society at large. And who knows, Downey might just reveal how you can make your own J.A.R.V.I.S.

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Episodes will start releasing start next, with the first one coming on December 18. Following that, new episodes will be available for free each week, though if you’re a YouTube Premium subscriber, you’ll have access to the first four out of eight episodes right off the bat.

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